Welcome to the League

Purpose of the League

To create an empowerment hub for people autistic people and any loved ones ,allies and friends of autistic people . The website provides strategies to support daily life for autistic people, and provide clear and distinct strategies, that autistic people can use to help navigate complex tasks like teamwork or talking to people. The website also provides information about what autism is and how it actually affects the community and showcases creative works and talks done by the autistic community . We also fight for change in the current system try to point out fake autistic advocates and calling truth to power amd fight for thingsl ike legal change . The league is fortounate enough to work with people like, Sarah

Mission statement:

Be a support and guidance network for autistic people and their loved ones and allies thats actually run by autistic people, Our name is based on the Justice League which is a dc superhero group. as it is meant to send a message for the autistic community to unite and help make things better for each other and be their own superheroes.

Just for fun, we have created back stories on the superhero in the artwork, just a bit of entertainment. They are all autistic super heroes .

Category Breakdown

Personal life:

This the topic that provides strategies and advice for dealing with emotional control, how to talk to people, how to understand peoples intentions, strategies, and information dealing with emotional difficulties.

Professional life:

This category provides strategies about how to deal with autistic difficulties in the workplace, information of what autistic difficulties in the workplace are, benefits of autism in the workplace and information on the different types of professions autistic people are well suited for.

League Creative Works:

this holds any league works that the member has done like songs, videos sketches, art, song lyrics

Autistic Perspectives:

This holds any articles and interviews with autistic people.

Autism Background:

Any information on the causes of autism and how it directly impacts autistic people in their daily lives.

This website will benefit anyone directly affected with autism .family friends, and educators who have autistic students and companies who aim to provide support systems for autistic workers.