Journey into university

By Mark Blake

My journey through university and to it has been a difficult journey it has been one filled with laughter and joy , tears learning adventure a real rollercoaster but i wouldn’t trade my memories for the world as they made me who i am today and ready to help you my dear readers . and i wish good luck to anyone who is starting the journey in the coming year. My journey started in year 13 when making the difficult journey after my results were confirmed , by my secondary school . I had preparation time with my family we all got cookware and extra clothes it was a very emotional time for me and my family and it didnt hit me at the time that this was actually happening so my emotional response was delayed .I saw my school friends in school on a final good bye , and needed to transition fully into university life and i was struggling to move on, which made adjusting to uni life much more difficult than anticipated i was less open to the new things than i would have liked . One thing i would reccomend to you my fellow leauger ,is that to keep your mind open to when you join uni ,form a new a dynamic with family and friends before you join univeristy or talk with your family and friends on how to make the transition into university just a bit easier . Because how it is going to effect you going in to university , as much as uncertaintity annoys us , is different for each invidual but there are things we can do to make life just a bit easier for ourselves . it is easy to easy to loose oneself in all of the noise to keep a hold of whats important even when the world is against you even when people ,are are getting you to do what you are pushed to do things that conflict with you values , you have to keep true to yourself and not do them otherwise it could consume you as it almost did me , and good luck as it is a hard journey . Before i finish off the article my leaguers ,i leave with you with this , never forget your routes and the people who made you who you are cause when everything fades they will still be there.

Unite and fight for freedom .

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