The Rise of The Autism League

My dear Leaguers it is time i tell you who i am and why i have founded the league , and its mission and why i need you to be the best you can be. As an autistic student in university , My name is Mark and at the tine of writing i am a student of university of Brighton .As a student I have found great difficulty and challenge living life but i have had the love and support of my family, and friends to survive and get to the point i am at today to help rise , to help conquer all obstacles to help me feel and be human in the darkest of times and people led me to the best of times but i realise that some people aren’t lucky to have that to be healed to have people to let you know that in the darkest of times that there is light . I have been working for a year on different projects to found my footing as an advocate and i have arrived here. The League is meant to provide hope for autistic people, give them strategies to leave independent lives and not answer to anyone but themselves to have success thats their own whatever that may mean . The league is going to have discussion pages, entertaining mocumentaries , super hero advocate videos, interviews with influencers , and many more things. Together we can progress to a full online community with our own social platform which can influence decisions made for autism in the world .

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