My dear leaguers it is time we talk about travel. I know its boring and
I might sound like your mum giving you a preschool lecturer about what to do
when stranger danger occurs but it is necessary to think about especially those who need a higher level of care. There are three different modes of travel car, walking and public transport and those will be talked about at a later date. To start off with public transport there are two different types, buses, and trains but the main mode of transport within cities is a bus. We are now going to talk about how to best prepare for the journey on the bus from any location to any bus stop.

Step 1 : look up how far your chosen location is from where you are .

Step 2 : Look bus routes that go to the chosen location and the bus timings of those routes

Step 3 : if the bus route company has an app for purchasing tickets download the app

Step 4 : look up the nearest bus stop to your current location and find out how much time it takes to walk to

Step 5 : No matter how your buying your ticket whether its online you need to know what kind of tickets you need to purchase, To decide that plan out how long you need to travel for the whole day, whether your going there and back ,whether your travelling around for the whole day , or your just going to be going there for a single journey . Then research what type of tickets that match the duration of your travel plan . do a little calculation to see which ticket is cheaper

Step 6: Locate the bus stop of your chosen route

Step 7 : some buses might have sensory issues like textures over liight ,to loud in preparation for this find suitable methods for you to dull them . My suggestions will be wearing sun glasses to dull out the light, wearing headphones with a steady level of sound for you to focus on to dull out extensive sound and gloves with a suitable texture to dull out unpleasant textures .

Step 8: go to the bus stop and wait for the bus

Step 9: chose which method you want to purchase the ticket either via the app or when the bus arrives go up for the driver and ask what type of tickets you want. You will be able to pay through the card .

Step 10 if the bus is causing sensory irratations put on your contigincies and then wait to get to journey and have funn !!

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