Searching for Career

Some of us might be pushed towards a certain direction when we ourselves do not know we to go but it is okay to float about in search of something greater a true purpose. Something I say to you my dear leaguers, is having a career of purpose of meaning . Look for activities you are interested in that rewards you mentally and not just financially , as doing what you love will make all of the difference. Look first for the value you want to provide to the world and how you want to be paid for it later . To seek help for careers advice , you could g to the specific departments are your school in charge of it ,like for example in the uni of Brighton , they have the careers service department which is in charge or helping with placements cvs full time work ,free lance and entrepneurship or across to volunteering oppurtitinities.which can provide you the practical infotmaruin you need to make an informed decision .

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