What is Autism

Autism is a spectrum of different conditions or as I would like to put it a different way of being and difficulties that are caused neurologically through the way the brain develops that all need to be supported independently and only share some difficulties between us. For example, we feel a lot of things more acutely which can cause us to find it hard to succeed in a neurotypical world because there is not enough done to understand those emotional difficulties.

Many autistic people including myself have been put through excruciating rituals to act as “normal children ” by my former school, by my former school and occasionally before I found who truly am people in university. This makes us struggle to live in the world because it suppresses who we truly are and can feel like a piece of our soul was taken away and we need to create a middle ground to help us interact in a way that makes everyone at least somewhat happy and encourage equality and understanding

.What keeps us from doing that is mainly ego and pride to maintain the status quo. Ego is the anaesthesia that numbs the pain of stupidity and bad actions, and a refusal to change and accept peoples uniqueness leads to the loss of life and the loss of potential and positive impact that can change the world. Due to our autism, we interact with things in a different way, usually more direct and blunt a lot of the times. We also talk about usually a lot more creative and weird things that are so out of the regular range of conversations it becomes truly amazing ,

Research has revealed that people with autism have brains that function in a number of different ways to those without the condition. Autistic people are tended to be specialised in specific interests but it can vary what from person to person as special interests can vary it can range from creative professions like artists and writers to scientific professions like programming and maths.

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