Autism League Background Characters

Deimos : Deimos is a character who made a deal with a demon to use his under receptiveness to stimuli , and environments and wanted to make his skin metal so he could find for justice and be a symbol for hope , because he lost his entire family in the Iraq war but the demon demanded to high a price and Deimos couldn’t pay that price, so he was fighting back with every weapon he has, and managed to kill the demon, but as he was heading away the power of the demon went out of the demon’s body, went after Deimos and consumed him and turned him in to the stone creature he is. The man he was before was dead and became a different form of Deimos the demon who remembers nothing of the struggles of humanity who he is, or anyone from his former life only his thirst for justice remains


Sense otherwise known as Kane , is an autistic person who struggled with hypersentivity and was at a clinic to get clothes and sensory equipment to asssist with it, The Clinic faced a lightening strike and caused an explosion with all of the chemicals and equipment the energy from that explosion went in to Kane and caused his skin to morph into anything he touches , for a year he was scared of this of what to do and then he encountered the autism league ,who taught him how to control it and use it for good

The Mystery:

The Mystery is a world-renowned detective, who has the ability to have superhuman perception who got this in an experiment designed to enhance her intellect. The mysteries real Name is Katniss Hawk. Katniss became a detective once her brother and his family went missing on a safari trip in Africa. It’s been 15 years since that day and the family has not been found yet. It might be an endless Journey.She was a part of the CIA, MI5, London Police department and all of them rejected her, for her rough exterior, in your face attitude Was exiled from the orginsiations, for 4 years she acted as a stand alone vigilante before she encountered the rest of the autism league who gave a her a family.

The claw

The claw is a former assassin for the knight group who was going through identity issues, and finding she is trans which slowed down her efficiency as an assassin as her mental health was very waying her down. The knight assassin group found out and out of nostalgia for their old comrade they just threw her out in the woods . Over time her drive for revenge for being outcasted lead her to travel around the world and encounter the rest of the autism league , which trained her ,gave her the weopans and a new family was given to her. and they fight for the ideals they were for the rejected for acceptance of all.

Ferver: otherwise known as Balthazar Al Ghul is a member of the secret society of vigilantes known as the knight who influences world events and political decisions, He was an autistic practitioner of alteration magic. One day the group[ went too far and started targeting political rights in the LGBT community and Fever fought back because the whole concept goes against their traditional views of society . When the group fought him and he was bombarded with magic it intercepted Fervers own magic practice and it endowed hi. With a huge amount of powers that all change depending on his own emotions

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