Origin Story

Fictional Super Hero Story

The rise of the autism league 

Here lies the story of the autism league, remember us  and carry on our mission and help the worlds autistic community. Our story begins five years and full of betrayal love and families  being formed and families being torn apart. Be careful where knowing us will take where the journey will end .you  might not like what you find 

Jameson Hawk the brother of Katniss Hawk  the mystery  assumed dead after his families death and when he went on his heroes crusade was born in Brighton in kemptown and lived in a distinct little four bedroom place with his sister Katniss ,little brother  Kyle Hawk and their mother Mary Hawke their father passed away in the afgaganstan war . Jameson and Katniss being the older children felt the massive pressure of looking after their 

Our story starts five years Jameson the league  founder was a lonely and alone and couldn’t figure out what to do with his life  spent wandering for years with no purpose no life . One day he encountered his family dead  and collective murder suicide  and left him a note that it was because of the treatment given to them by the mental health system . He was angered angered to a level he never was before a blind winding rage. For the next few years he spent honing his martial arts skill using his powerful mind to learn every single skill available to the human race . Due to his autism and the comfort of being himself bought him happiness being alone and so he mastered  how to make change in the world .

As they grew up the family grew closer and closer and eventually worked together and formed the worlds most largest autism business .one day a guy came to the offices out of no where  with dark black goo around him . And blew up the entire business and killed everyone there .Suddenly  he had no one and nothing ,Jameson. Heard all of this from he came back to the world to be the face of the surviving family and inherit the remaining assets of the Hawk fortune ,and when he came back he heard that his sister was still alive but was awal from the former law agency the secret council . The secret council is consists of a panel of members from every nato members and a former member of the Hawk orginsiations had access to their to their database 

One day he was performing an experiment to improve memory absorption of information his lab blew up and heightened his brain so much that he could obrsorb any sort of information about object simply by touching it but he forgets everything else but who he is  and who his family is  and how to speak .he spent years figuring out how to best fight for justice and came up 

Jameson on the hunt for his families killers went to his lair ,used all to the information sources to find   His families killers, keeping his anxiety at bay keeping his autistic need for certainty at bay  going through every location he could possibly found he encountered the half demon vigilante Deimos fighting electro the mage in who made sure that people are mentally driven crazy so they pretty much hate every one and want to kill him. Jameson confused Deimos as someone evil and tried to fight him ,as they are close to killing each other Jameson says “STOP it’s time to do what regular people dont do and talk “

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