Diagnostics otherwise known as the most stupidest way to find if someone is autistic

Because of the way of diagnosis works in the NHS, a lot of people who frankly need the support go without the support they need .This is because of autism masking. Now autism masking is when an autistic person replicates the social behaviour of other people around them, as security or comfort thing because autistic people are frankly scared of revealing who they are a lot of the time because of constantly being told they are problematic or hurtful or mean . A lot of autistic people I have met are blunt myself included . and some are brave enough to wivstand that pressure and be themselves. what’s more the mainly use of the un informed medical model of diagnostics only reveal a small portion of the amount of autistic people that are actually diagnosed, cause I have met a lot of people who gone un diagnosed and only now have to begin finding out the truth . There is a set of questions one person can ask to be more accurate then in my view most of the current “professionals ” .

Question 1 : do you ever feel like you need to talk about certain things with people and cant talk to with people and if so why ?

if the answer is yes this is mostly linked to masking and the different social pressure autistic people face in their daily lives. growing up it was instinctively to reveal our true selves ,but growing up the most our ways of living ,being able to tell truth all of the time asking other people the same , becomes taboo and unexpectable in modern day society which creates the need of masking which mean copying the social behaviours of the people around them and of the most common thins is only talking about specific things that the other person is perceived to be interested in the most

Question 2 :do you ever feel like you need to behave like everyone else in the party or a social Meetup

As with the previous question this is to do with autism masking . if the question is yes that means that said autistic person is copying all aspects of behaviour from people to be socially protected in a situation .This is linked to the feeling of safety. The mental health effect of this is severe is as with most people, if people hide who they are to the level of masking eventually one can loose sight of their own personality which can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts .

Question 3 do you ever feel sick or dizzy or just very nervous with large people in a room

if the answer is yes This is because anxiety is created as this activates a lot of autistic triggers .One sensory issues, the tooo much noise, two. touch and all sensory issues , three social fear and if possible the best thing is to create separate waiting lines with more space between people or to have less waiting time which personally I don’t think it help anyone . Associations are made with autistic people to often and autistic people can make an association of fear and being hurt with meeting new people and seeing to many people at once can send people to a state of deep panic

Question 4 : how often do you find new people just tedious and just spend time with the same few people

Autistic people can find it exhausting and boring to socialising with new people as they don’t know what to really talk about with them we cant engage and enjoy small talk and since that’s the way to make most friendships we find it hard to move forward, in my case I was reliang on my school friends to help my autism at bay and keep me from falling to chaos. Another way it looks so exuasting its because other purple can communicate with in different ways , and its beyond difficult to understand it has created a lot of problems for me in my own family

Question 5 :how you have had a sensation where you felt literally pulled from a boring as conversation and have you ever acted on it

Being stuck in conversations where we don’t know what we actually taling about is common but it can create almost a sense of an itch in the brain that gets worse and worse eventually feels like your sitting on spikes ,which creates the desire to just get out as it could really make someone feel like their on the edge of collapse .

Question 6 :expanding on masking, do you ever feel you need to prepair conversation starters when you meet someone ?

This links to the social structures of social scripting , coming up with the conversation starters so there is a safety of knowing how to progress the conversation forward and and not experience the anxiety of the unknown in the conversation

Question 7: what is your process of how you process emotions ?

Question 8: do you find it hard to maintain friendships or relationships , if yes why ?

if the answer is yes it is an indicator .Getting attached to easily is common. It’s to do with familiarity . If you find someone who makes you feel safe ,you want to do anything it takes to keep them around as meeting new people can be emotional hell as you can have an association that marks meeting new people to being hurt hence you never want to meet new people, or Cling to a relationship of any kind that gives safety . In terms of keeping particular people in your life I get it ,it’s to do with influences . I found with a lot of people it can happen involuntary feel the same as others, an empathy type quality hence you need to keep the right people in your life so your mental state is not worsened . Bluntness scares people, but speaking from experience if you keep that hidden you will pay for it with your mental health .

Question 9 : do you ever fixate for days about one specific thing ?

if the answer is yes That’s to do with several things . One . Familiarity , reading about or doing those interests , gives you a sense of comfort ,as it’s regularity in a chaos of a world and something autistic people mentally crave so structure and something reliable so you do it again and again to get it, it usually increases the amount of time you do those interests if you going through a time of uncertainty, as you need certainty as well all do . 2. Your good at it ,often special interests manifest when you get told over and over again that your not good at anything else, other than that so you fixated on it. 3. General enjoyment 4 : genuine distance and irritation towards anything else

Question 10: do you ever feel like your screaming internally and all of time slows down as a result

if the answer is yes or its partially yes .That’s again to do with masking ,cause of fear of being hurt, you appear like the person you think they like, so they never know what to ask you ,which can create a feeling of loneliness and hopelessness. as a security precaution ,

question 11 : do you ever feeling like literally no one in existence understands the real you or how to support you and if so how often ?

if the answer is yes , that’s common autistic people have a very big difficulty, of communicating what’s really on their minds, and some are lucky enough to find people who instivtevely get them.

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