Motivation on self maintenance

Through looking at peoples struggles at the autism experience group and autistic not weird something I have very comanally encountered a problem of keeping oneself motivated to do self maintenance tasks because nine times out of ten we would be told to do it growing up and were given that structure and weren’t taught to value that for themselves and thus feel anxious about as the activity is very mundane and people do not know what to do about it ,forcing themselves to do it even though it creates anxiety . Delayed training for this can happen even If it adult stage ,of someone’s development . To make sure to actually to do the development is done well, you need to spend a lot of time addressing the Impulses to not do the tasks that will enable you to look after yourself other than doing yourself ,you should get help from someone with autism who was able to get over it themselves because it allows you to feel like someone is relating to you and someone’s lived experience can bring you out from darkness and make you feel like your not alone as you have someone can relate to it . Lets stand together and be our own super hero cause no one can help us like we can ,and sadly most people wont at all .

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