The Access Campaign Proposal

My name is Mark Blake. I am a second-year autistic student studying at the University of Brighton. Two years ago I have started doing activism and advocacy work for autistic people. In the first year of uni,  I have a friend who to put long story short saved me from my depression,  and she is autistic   and for an age she told me horror stories about  how poorly she was supported in , the fact her college triggered all of the anxiety trigger for autistic people and that shook me to my very core, so I went from just helping out an autism group to risking everything socially and mentally to fight for the change that my friend and other people like us deserve to have justice, I made some big mistakes on the way but I will never give up the fight . A year on my  and half after my activism work began I did events at Brighton and Sussex uni  and after my recovery from mental health issues  there I met Rose Way , Phil Clarke and Ludo foster  and they joined me in this fight for life , this fight for freedom and to keep people like us, from dying and to get justice for everyone who is being discriminated against ,not supported or alone anyone who needs us we will fight until we do what we need . The four of us started the autism league together and used the website I already have as our platform  and hub to unite everyone. We are an empowerment hub that provides strategies for autistic and background information about autism and entertainment about autism to provide an intrinsic message about autism and to show some of the realties. Our long term goal is to link up with as many autism organizations as possible and to become a fully functional social application.Our campaigns purpose is to make a bold statement and start a nationwide discussion about autism reform, we aim to address pip assessments, education of life skills particular focus on managing anxiety , burnout and sensory over loads as well as social skills and understanding neurotypical people  in schools . We want to talk to the trade unions to implement a EHCP which is a customized support plan  to support their sensory and emotional needs ,which usually  stops at schools but needs to be carried in to the work place and employment reforms with training to focus autistic strengths, and to make the work place more .We also are working on introducing mass autism support organization reform  trying to reshape the structure of autism organizations, so there is more leadership representations in the autism community, reframe discussions done by the organizations, to view autism in the social model rather than the medical diagnosis , improve their budget and to add a range of services to the autism 

Organizations which will include activism and inclusion services, to try to help bridge the communication gaps between autistic people and the neurotypical people so it can finally be supported in the way it is supposed to be supported to stop vile practices such as gaslighting in the workplace.  We aim to achieve this and make this mandatory by strengthening the equalities act of 2010 to provisions to support autistic mental health ,have services in schools to address autistic masking, and help the autistic student to accept themselves , introduce quite rooms and safe spaces in mainstream schools, and add a requirement that the curriculum is accessible to different neurotypes . We will fund our operations by applying to access grants from organisations like scope and crowdfunding raise. We will kick off our campaign after various discussions with MPs, locally and then to kick off the national front, do a dance protest outside the houses of parliament and having talking points ready for anyone who comes up to us during the musical protest.

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