Comforting someone when experiencing a meltdown

Meltdowns are very difficult to handle, they look and feel very severe and seeing a friend go through it is difficult for anyone let alone someone who experiences anxiety themselves and my heart goes out for you if that’s you, this article is for you the most. First of all, I am going to try to define something quite difficult what an autistic meltdown actually is. An autistic meltdown is when someone experiences an activity or has access to stimuli known as a trigger which makes an autistic person feel an overwhelming amount of anxiety and sadness that we just don’t know how to handle and it can cause us to shut down which basically means isolate oneself or not being able to say anything, or whatever response is done by the individual and can go on for hours there is undetermined length of time, which is very very scary for both people who go through that, like myself I have had meltdowns where I physically couldn’t get out of bed no matter how much I tried and because of that uncertainty a lot of people leave meltdowns unhelped which is instantly worse as it leaves the person in mental hell. Meltdowns are usually linked to a high amount of anxiety and anxiety is almost always linked to fear of the future, and to help it bring them into the present. Once I had a panic attack in an exam, and the school counselor came in I was having a meltdown in a database making the exam and he came over and got me to count all of the computers in the room and that was powerful as it took me away from the anxiety-riddled mind, by making me think of something else and that continued the trend of alleviating the anxiety and once I was able to speak again he got me to look at the greenery outside because nature has very therapeutic value to it . When an autistic person mind is off the anxiety trigger and has calmed down, it’s safe to deal with what caused that trigger and start to make an attempt to find a long term and viable solution to whatever the problem is.

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