Time management

in university you must be able to manage a lot of things, your studies, any search for a professional career you might do, social life and personal growth and this will be daunting for anyone let alone an autistic person. As your approach university your not really guided in that transition on what to do and therefore you have no plan going forward and I am here to tell you to know how dangerous this can be and show you how hopefully you can have one. If your approaching university or a job from saying secondary school environment its best to run simulations of how it could be like in the environment your going in to ease yourself with the fear of transition and the mental hell that it can create. For example, a key issue in student life or just daily life is self-cleaning or maintenance. When your at home that’s not a big problem but when you’re on your own not doing can lead you living in a pig sty as it happened to me. You have to actively work in time to do self-maintenance tasks I would recommend at the end of the week so during the week you have time for everything else and plan the other things that are in your life accordingly. You then will have to decide what kind of method to store the time management information, for me something visual works likea gant charts, timetables online diaries and journals

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