Second Chances

This year, I was very low and was in the midst of some failures, professionally, academically and in my personal life and that took a while to escape from that and it did send me into a pit of depression which is hard to get back from. My first professional public speaking event at the university bombed, while I did get what I need across my message, a lot of people were unfocused, everything that could go with organising an event that could go wrong did, and my academic performance was dropping and i did not have the support of friends at the time and the support I did have my mental health kept me from seeing I actually had it, so it caused me to fail my second year all because i did a series of actions that set in motion my downfall. When I officially recognised that i failed accepted that it couldnt changed and started to change and improve my state and since then I was able to build up this website and the autism league community and move out of accommodation that’s was basically like a slum in Brighton. We spend time obsessing over our mistakes, over the people we have lost through arguments our other things which keep us bound to like our anxiety, and if you got to that point through failing its hard to break free, to break free from feeling like your a failure keeping yourself from anxiety and anyone who is going through that or has gone through that feels residual pain i am in solidarity with you and I want you to know your not terrible and your not worthless and your not a failure . Our failures and mistakes do not define us, what defines us are what we do in response to them, do we give up and crumble or do we get stronger and try to get better. Now I know that sentiment is cliche and for someone with clinical depression its the absolute worst thing to hear, some people at a better state can hear that in which case good luck but those who can’t just take the first step realise that it is within your power to get better everything in your control, and while you might feel pain now, its not the end and there is hope, and learn a simple breathing technique, sitting at the beach breathing in and out only focusing on your breathing and this will help you deal with your anxiety bit by bit, well it did help me. Some events might come along like the opportunity to redo something might be in peoples minds reinforcement of the belief you’re a failure but its not ,its hope because it gives you a fresh chance to be better to have hope. I wish to luck to any readers who has strugled with this and i want everyone to know that they are not alone .

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