The Realisation of Purpose and the turning to special interest

Purpose and passion is the way of life , most of us want to discover who we are and what we are meant to do in life , a purpose that gives everything meaning and if we do not have that we feel lost and sometimes a bit hopeless, but we all around autistic people may and most do have special interests a something that occupies a mind to the point of obsession sometimes. and it soothes us when we do it. Often or not special interests are hobbies like for me computing or media , and often it is linked to the purpose we want to achieve and that is why it is imperative that we as autistic people and you guys who are not, but who care about us, who loves us in the case of family need to encourage us to pursue our special interests and help us find a productive use of it, as my special interest weirdly has become this website and video making, so I spent time a lot of time doing all of this and I love it,and I hope this helps people and helping people is the ultimate purpose the ultimate value making a difference in peoples lives and there is no other purpose that is greater than that in my view. But even with special interests they can change and that feeling of obsession with something if it does change has to be controlled by the autistic person, as if we switch interests as I did from computing to media and this, we cant always abandon the previous thing because we might have investment of time or resources in the other and might be problamatic to drop . For instance i am not going to drop out of my degree because i have picked up media and buildin the autism league because it gives me useful skills and access to good experiences and resources.

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