The Cycle of Anger

Hello all, i would like to talk to you about anger management problems and what happens if someone looses control, what goes through their head and why they come out of it all apologetic and pretty much always more sorry than the person who actually made them angry at the first place , as they end up lashing out much more . The lack of anger control doesn’t mean that someone is bad a person, nor that they are selfish or they don’t care because often or not they are trapped by their own anger un able to do something an experience that is similar to of being out of your body not being able to stop whats happening , and kind of being a witness to your rage self . There are 3 stages of the Cycle of anger

The first stage is something called Hulk Mode a analogy i made up , its when your rage side takes over, and who you really are is hidden underneath anger and rage , and all that comes out of you is lashing out , and sadness basically all that comes out of you is the toxic sludge of emotions and all you can feel is the anger not being able to solve the issue or escape the emotional prison

The next stage i would like to call is arming the bomb, and explosion this is when you get impulses from your anger filled brain about what you would like to do to the person your angry at or what you would like to say to the person your angry at things on that line its different for every person , when i was going through anger issues it was like this for me . and you keep having these kind of thoughts again and again and again until the bomb you armed sets off and explodes in someones face ,unfortunately with how anger issues usually works its almost never the person your actually angry at its almost always the person who has always was around you ,who always supported you no matter what you have done its called displacement. In my case i made my two school friends who i love like sisters cry ,and something else i have to say is when you realize you have done that i am wont shield you from the reality is soul crushing and if anyone is going through that currently ,my heart goes out for you my dear reader truly and if your making the tough decision on getting help for anger issues i want you to know you are brave and strong , cause it takes such strong courage to get help for it especially when you feel you have lost everyone your care about to anger, almost always its never truly over, the people who truly love you and you might have hurt, are waiting for an apology and dying for an opportunity to heal the wounds even if there is work to do to make that happen, but its still true. Even if your reading this it means you want to be better and to learn, and i want to say whoever is reading this, i am proud of you and i wish you love and happiness.

Ways you can deal with the cycle of Anger

When your arming the bomb of angry emotions, you most likely see red or pure rage , always remember to not make any decision, when your arming the bomb, any thought any conversation, any interaction can fuel the bomb and make the explosion be that much more violent both quite literally i have seen people be violent as a result of anger issues, well i have been , when an explosion of anger happened to me one time, i wailed on a punch bag, like a psychopath, i could hear absolutely nothing. In the moment of armememnt ,your only priority is to stop the angry emotions, so you can deal with what made you angry after you have defused the bomb . For me what works is having an anchor point, a thought or an emotion , thats so much more powerful ,than the anger that it can bring you down .Go down to a private place where you can mediatate an you could use breathing techniques where you take very deep breaths in an out 3 times slowly, outside, focusing on a music beat an thinking of your anchor to come back and defuse and then you could think of why that happened and what to do about it after say an hours rest.

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