Solidarity for change

I wanted to talk to you about the origins of the Autism league and why coming together for change is important. Two years ago, when I first started activism work that will go on to be the autism league, I went through a tough time, the worst I have ever been in my life close but there was a friend who saved my life by there for me, even when I was at my worst even when I lashed out, at her because I used to have anger issues. and when I got better, I started trying my friend and I couldn’t, month after month could do nothing and eventually, I could do nothing, I felt powerless and eventually, I thought enough is enough, wanted to explore whether my friends problems, were common among the autistic community, the more I went down the rabbit hole, I knew that something needed to be done .so I started on the journey on trying to fix things. I was involved in my universities autism support group finding out where the problems lie and I heard just how wonderful other autistic people are and it really was lovely, i had to leave sadly due to some disagreements with my co-partner of the autism support group and some mental health problems , but in the abyss of my healing and recovering from that and was able to help the friend, and after my recovery and departure from the autism support group I was able to begin advocacy work, and in my time i was able to find out from talking to many people, in Sussex uni, Brighton uni , people at oxford, people I met from London autistic pride, and nearly all autistic people go through similar issues, but yet we are divided , and there for our voices can be silent , we need to come together as a single force for change, and get things done

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