Planning large Scale Events

Recently I planned a few large scale events, such as the Tunbridge wells autistic pride event I did, which is written about in a different article, and a film shoot the other day and a few things went wrong in them and thought in this article I would talk about, how you can go about planning large scale events so you can achieve as much as possible in a short amount of time and things can go wrong and people can back out. To start off with any large scale events, you will have to do a lot of planning and first figuring out what is the purpose of the event, what are you hoping to achieve. Follow this step by step checklist when planning an event.

Step 1 : what is the purpose of the event ?

Step 2 : what is the target audience of this event

Step 3 : what do you need for this event

Step 4 : who is involved in this event

Step 5 : what type of event is this ?

Step 6 : what kind of equipment do you need

Step 7: what budget do you have for the event ?

Step 9 : what kind of time comittment do you require of the team

Step 10 : what kind of contigncies do you have if things go wrong .

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