War through kindness

When fighting for change, be it political financial, or employment change you have to know that you will need to appeal to people who might otherwise be reprehensible in our eyes, because that’s what needs to be done because to shift the balance of power in the society we need to be able to work with those who we don’t like, otherwise the flames of division will never cease and go out , I know this is controversial, but at this is my opinion you have to do what you need to do to get the change you need to achieve. The first thing is you have to know is you do not need to compromise your morality and honesty to appeal to the people you have to deal with to effect the change just show them compassion and figure out what makes them tick what makes them moveable to your agenda, don’t lie but change what benefit of your plans you emphasise . Dealing with politicians, for example with labour appeal to the pr angle and the moral value of your plans, and with businesses and conservatives emphasise how you’re going to help them be more efficient and make more money. Navigate your way through complex situations with kindness and intelligence. Before you make an approach think about these following things, what’s important to them, how your plans can benefit them and yourself, what you can give in exchange, and what your commitment want from them and come up with a proposal or a pitch that gets all of that across.

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