The Price of Autistic Masking

As autistic people we get told we blunt we weird, we this that or the other shit, well you did come the autism league we straight here. Masking is when we are struggling to be ourselves and we replicate the neurotypical behaviours mannerisms and language types of our neurotypical counterparts like basically becoming the ultimate chameleon in the world that’s trying to make us autistics become extinct, if your a neurotypical reading this article, be respectful please your on a website designed to empower autistics and here we do not hold back. Autistic people tend to mask, to quell their anxiety, but have you noticed that non-autistic people also mask, I mean think about, what the fuck is small talk for, I have seen conversations about the very thing we are eating, and the food is right in front me I can see it, or conversation about the fucking weather, because they want the other person to like them because of the tiniest fright of being disliked and also the very concept of being “polite” . Now, this to autistic masking is very different but i think it should still be pointed out because we mimic others to point precision and the effects of it. People constantly pointed out my flaws in school, and even in-home life as well. My brother has said to me “your lack of social understanding baffles me “when I went into the asking do I want to come in, I mean yes cause I want to see my nephew’s what’s wrong living in the world that honest, but honestly I can go on that rant for ages. If we mask we lose who we are, what makes us special, what makes us genuine because we are compromising who we are. Masking the level we autistics do it to, is physically and emotionally draining and can also be on an individual leaving the appearance of being depressed cause you’re always tired when you don’t need to be. We blend in by emulating expressions language type, subject matter, posture to appear neurotypical almost like learning a second false state of being . not just t talking borning topics as the neurotypicals do, This is dangerous as this can also lead to anxiety depression and just feeds the culture,that we shouldnt exist, and speaking from experience anyone who struggles with it, i wish you luck and the autism league is here for you.

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