How to comfort someone with a meltdown.

Meltdowns are a physical and emotional response to high-stress situations for autistic people, they are not a way of manipulating, or overdramatic, and can happen for many different reasons. stress, triggers, sensory overload. No meltdowns are exactly alike. but all can look and they feel scary. In my experience, they are usually screaming, crying all sorts of things and usually we autistics get called selfish or ungrateful or any manner of things, by a lot of the time people we love, my heart breaks that this happened to people I care about, and this is why I need to write about this and what people can do to help us during that time.

When you see a meltdown its tricky to remain calm, so first things first are to take care of your emotion, do breathing techniques, five seconds, deep breaths in and out focusing on only the breath, and then you can comfort an autistic person going through a meltdown. Your goal is to get them to a level state and then figure out the trigger for the meltdown which will lead to long term solutions.

When an autistic person is having a meltdown an important task, to do is to get their focus away from it using simple mindfulness techniques, get him or her to show focus on anything else, the time it for about 10 minutes, and then get them to do breathing techniques. in a very quiet environment, get them simply to breathe in and out, get them to focus on visualising the breath and nothing else after which they should calm down, and then you can deal with the situation and talk to them about it.

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