The Autistic Revolution

Through my time doing this, I thought I would be starting a movement, and boy I was so wrong, I ended up joining a very established movement, that needs to be heard more, I am just a small fish, in a sea of voices, but my question was if there are so many people fighting for so long, why and why are we so divided and cannot seem to get the traction we need, what stands in our way and what do we actually all bring to the party .

Autistic voices have been used in the past to speak out against discrimination but we get trolls to come after us. Sarah Harvey an advocate I know, and I am honoured to as she is my hero, had trolls and haters come after her son and that type of thing, has happened for a while to everyone, who dares to stand up for the voices of the unheard, of the, abused everyday advocates get targeted. Someone I know from Canada had trolls come after her and accuse of her not being autistic, all of these voices, all of we could do to bring hope brought down when it doesn’t have to be the case it just doesn’t. When the fuck did standing up for peoples rights when the fuck did have a creative voice, when the fuck trying to give hope to autistics who are being hurt every day, something to hate, when cause I am not really sure I cannot understand, the fact that this happens the fact that most news sources want to promote an atmosphere of hate, a society that often repressive ignorant of our views . The advocates who are brave enough to stand, and stand against this tide, shouldn’t be hated they should have the be given the Nobel prize.

The neurodiversity movement, is getting steam, and strength many autistics are uniting together, under the banner of neurodiversity but it is not enough we need to have an organisation as powerful as the national autistic society, so we can shut down an organisation that’s an agent of stagnation and defeat the hate groups or as I would like to say death cults as autism speaks, will eventually get taken down , but neurotypical people have to stop co-opting our narrative our message and to make this happen the autistic activist community need to come together to work for a common cause, because as Abraham Lincoln once said, a house divided cannot stand.

But saying this, autistic people and disabled people are beginning to stand together, the problems are clear and are felt, but the progress we have made so far is only the beginning, slowly but surely we are coming together and nothing will break us when we are, but spreading the truth is one facet of the bigger problem we need to make practical solutions to the problem political campaigning, and pushing for systemic change tackling those who have the power and take back the power .

For the ever-growing hatred, we are getting towards our message – among the NON-autistic people, means we are doing something right, we are hitting a pressure point and we will not relent, in our mission we will not waiver in our persistence to make the world a better place, we will always be there to bring hope

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