The Stigma Killer

Today we are going to talk about the issue of ableist culture everywhere in home life, in schools, in employment , mental health and and the fact that a lot of people unknowingly and knowingly trigger our anxieties, and us being called selfish, and our crying and anxieties praying on the most vulnerable and that is the main thing the most vulnerable are affected and we will not relent in the face of that and we will not crumble .

Mental health and struggling with it are already stigmatised to a very dangerous degree but for autistics, it is so much worse, because we face a lot of stigma on things like meltdowns shutdowns and other things that no doubt we struggle with every day, and the discussion needs to change because every day a lot of us feel that something is wrong with us that something is up with us and because of the differences we often end up being shunned and rejected by the non autistic community, where a call for mass education nationwide about how autistics are needed to be brought in to place, more so then it currently is . because this can save lives. 10 per cent of all suicides in the UK are from autistic people and 30 per cent of autistic people that go into mental health system die of suicide due to poor practice which is caused to the terrible amount of knowledge actually available in the public eye and the amount of knowledge literally answers any autistic can give thats not being underused.

Abelist culture in society is when people say things oh look what this autistic has done good them ooop oopp when it’s doing a job that they could do permanently just for a day, like this ridiculous story in the BBC about a girl with down syndrome doing a stewardess job for a day because of some great company, a fucking a ricilous story if she could do for ita day she could do it permanently simple and those vulnerable autistics who fall for this kind of culture and causes people to settle for the scraps this kind of shitholes can hand out .we need to reach the people of power, and show that we are beyond capable doing anything we are given, assuming we have the right support systems in place for a given task . This kind of culture has created a very high rate of inferiority complex and this needs to end because we are special unieuqe and brave as the ever growing activist community shows. This happens across the board, employment mental health systems, education . 

The responses to a, the autistic community standing up for ourselves, as trolls do coem after us, which does make orginisation like the NAS wander why they do not stand up for ourselves. I gave a training at my own uni infront of the the enterpnerial deparmtment as practice for some copperate training and they told me you can be a guru on this subject, and my mind was blown, all of what i said is obvious, and i know they meant it in a good way for marketing but bloody hell still was shocking. Together we stand and together we can change this .

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