Why is it so hard to speak up

A lot of people, organizations like the agents of stagnation the national autistic society, people in government schools parents pretty much wander and constantly say why don’t we speak out against all of this, and why we aren’t part of the change – spoilers yes we are loudly and constantly, but nowhere near enough . Being a part of the neurodivergent movement, the movement for autistic civil rights and meeting so many activists show what the challenge is, and why many people come out almost destroyed meltdowns and burnouts experienced because of the hate and vitriol faced by advocates every day.

The last couple of days there was a pointless twitter feud over the article I have done on aba, where 2 people ambushed me, on my views, and were getting likes etc for their hateful views of the autistic community.it didn’t affect me, in fact, it was hilarious especially how I ended the feud , but its still raised a point I spoke out and there was an attack. Now, this is a minor incident there were more serious ones where a student at my university went after me through virtual and verbal harassment until that ended when I went serious with the students union and Brighton university as a whole and was hell-bent on it stopping and that was from autistic people from the frauds who have bought in to the hateful narrative being promoted about the neurodiversity movement, and people picking apart someones tiny mistakes . Frauds like Tom Clements but this article is not about them.

Activists in the public eye, become targets open and vulnerable, because of this. Like I have seen an activist who some trolls that try to prove they are not autistic, like what the hell is this mess, what gives the person the right. Some activists have had family be a target, others have been stalked and all of this bringing a mental strain and emotional baggage to a person as it would everyone.

An example of this. At London autistic pride I met a woman who was working in the foster care system who came forward to her supervisor about being gaslighted and got fired the next day. And now at least last I heard she is fighting to get her job back and justice not because she cared about the jerks who fired her but the kids as she was scared for them as if they did to her she was worried and she chose to fight for them so they get the best care, as she was scared about their attitude to abuse that can be promoted to the kids and this is also an example of a true hero.

Altho activists speak out on a lot of different issues, the number one thing that gets in the way is gaslighting, which I spoke about in an earlier article. How gaslighting is done is the abuser makes it think that it is the fault of the person who their abusing, making them feel like they are crazy. This is dangerous enough as it is, but even more so, when we are coming forward about abuse issues because people who engage in gaslighting can make it seem like our fault when it isn’t and will never be.

Do you hate me, do you loathe me, why do you silence me do you hate me because that I won’t stay silent this is the opinion of some of the autistic community who lose hope because of this, and if that happens it is difficult to come out of I understand. With all of this stigma that is being placed on Autism the fact that it is to talk to about the neurodivergent movement and this need to change, and we all need to work together to change the definition, and to change the discussion on the neurodiversity

With all of the obstacles against us, against it is easy to get scared, to lose hope, to feel like the whole worlds against you and shut down, but the thing we have to know is we are not alone in this movement, in general life we are getting in the notion, that we are alone and thus we get shut-in, but we need to rely on our support networks, if we don’t have one which sadly in this type of society is possible, we can find one in support groups online like autism inclusivity and of course the autism league is here for you to make sure that we remain open with our emotions, with our thoughts and identities to keep us sane, and remember we are people, loved and valued to make sure that we remain safe.

I am not one to leave you on a negative note, so I will say this the neurodiversity movement, is strong we will continue fighting until autistics everywhere have the justice they deserve, incredible activists and heroes risk a lot every day to fight for our cause, and we will get there its only a matter of when due to the result of our strength and brilliance, and if anyone who is not autistic and just anyone listen to the views of the heroes and have a proper and productive discussion on how to support autistic people, and if ever you see, abuse towards us or just anyone please speak out, because we need you, because as people we are one.

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