End the tokenism, end the slowness

The time for just pep talks or tokenism ideas for achieving change and reform is over. I wanted to talk about the so-called Autism Hour, it’s an empty and pointless gesture that is creating complacency about achieving systemic reform. We see these stories, showcasing a view of oh look what these people can do despite their terrible condition which is dehumanising and immoral. And it’s not just autistic folk but all neurodiverse people. An example of this is is that story where a down syndrome flight attendant. Here is the link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqD91YdK0yE. “An experience she will never forget ” ‘ i feel like being able to live my person driven life ” Raje inducing and I mean seriously, if your purpose-driven life is to help people with down syndrome, help people with syndrome, get her that job for REAL and empower her to have a full career in the and they are so inherently dismissive of her that even her parents were satisfied with that she got to do it for a day, a bloody day. But alas this page is for autistic advocacy but I needed to mention that in solidarity with other neurodiverse advocates out there. So I will switch the topic back now to Autistic people. In the UK tokenism, and showcasing autistic for pr is so rampid so institutionalized that set aside for the moment that the NAS is not run by Autistic people which I loathe and abhor to my very core, the organisation that is supposed to fight for us thinks its okay to support autistic people for a special hour event . Hypercritical Pricks

What is Autism Hour

Autism Hour is where shops businesses make adjustments for autistic people for one hour, not every day, which will make it slightly less insulting but only once a week (which is the most frequent they do.

If you want to see true justice don’t applaud the companies that do these tokenistic gestures shame them for doing very sloppy and almost meaningless work.

This is a direct quote from the national autistic society on autism hour below

” Making adjustments to your shop so it is less overwhelming for autistic people: this normally means turning down music and other background noise, and dimming lights where it is safe to do so, but there are other adjustments you can put in place to create an effective Autism Hour
Sharing information about autism with your staff: to give every customer a positive experience, we’ll be providing information about autism to share with your staff. You don’t have to be an expert, but a little understanding can go a long way.”

This is insulting. For one there are so many more adjustments that are needed for people and it really depends on the customer they are dealing with. For one this campaign achieves nothing as in the morning its literally those type of conditions are available in the morning as pointed out by an advocate I know and another it raises the question, do the national autistic society not care about us the rest of the time, other than that special hourly event, come on. The National Autistic society masquerades itself as this hero organisation, but the truth is because of this and many other things, that they do, are a bunch of frauds and hypocrites, and sadly seems to be the national only body we have available to us all other autistic organisations good ones at that, struggle for funding , people who can actually do real good, scraping by for money ,until things change which I have every faith in will because seeing the. number of. advocates fighting for change fills me with the hope we will have justice. I tested their anxiety support line called them on the website the public and free one, and I was on the phone for half an hour no response, and when I tested the support line again this time on an app given to me by my university brain in hand, instant response. But the catch was to get the app it’s very selective, it costs DSA who pay for it £35 per months just for me to have it.what does this tell you about the NAS priority their support line for the public not being run properly risking lives and emotional well being. Now there is no doubt, I struggle with my emotions, I shutdown sometimes if I am into much stress, can cry a lot of times rant but I am nowhere near as vulnerable as a lot of other autistics who don’t go to uni, or more likely couldn’t go to uni, I have a support network, my mum, my brother even tho we argue they are still there,and friends from uni and home, particularly one who saw my long texts the last two years, which FELT longer then thousand-page dictionary but still found the time to try to help me at every turn, and she is autistic as well, so a lot of the same difficulties, key thing I said a lot not all, there are a lot of differences as well, way so I dont need it as much as others do, I mean its still useful, but the people who dont go to uni dont go to work because of the barrier of anxiety and the crippling weight that has, they need it way more, and they think the charity of Autism hour which doesnt work is enough, thats completely insanity .

Thank you for reading this slight but very factual rant. As always I do not like to leave you on a negative note so this can be solved. What I am about to suggest wouldn’t solve the problem of inadequate support instantly but will help, have a department of autistics, not non-autistics with stupid degrees on autism, but actual autistics who can reach out to the other autistic communities to help with the answers that need to be found, and don’t listen to frauds and hateful morons, like Tom Clements of the guardian, and actually listen to us, and what we have to say and do not silence our rise and voice

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