A call for unity

I need to talk to you about why the autistic and neurodivergent revolution has not got the traction it should deserve, and I need to mention the autistic dark web. The autistic dark web is a collection of autistic people or people who claimed to be autistic that have been gaslighted and their need for belonging taken advantage of to actively work against the neurodiversity movement and revolution. These people gas highlight bully and harass the autistic community who stands up in the light of day, and fights for justice and create vulnerability for autistic people who out in the open and even our closest people can become targets if we are not careful in protecting our identity and ourselves and uniting together for a common cause.An example of this is  the article written by Tom Clements in the Guardian, which states that Autism has become too broad  and lost all meaning, which is wrong and hateful  and not true there are very clear and distinctive differences you can discover when bloody talking to and contributes to fearmongering organizations and the culture of it contributes to the lack of information available on the actual experiences, and there is a reason that  that autistic people have every day, and that does not lack scientific research because that view keeps it  in a box, that’s keeping regular discussion and accepting it to a standstill. But all of this is a symptom of the problem of the disease that is the anti neurodiversity movement. The problem is the fact that these threats are insittuionilised and organised with literal international organizations that claim to help autistic people but actually helps destroy us. These are some of the organizations in the UK that support aba a so-called cure that creates complex PTSD within autistic people who have to endure it, trust issues for life and so many other things that destroy lives.

national autistic society (Supports Positive Behavioural support, not complete ABA ) less extreme practices but not less dangerous and hurtful . These are just some of the organizations that support abusive therapy.

Gwynedd, Wales – Employs an ABA professional to oversee ABA provision in a couple of its state special schools

Halton – LA and NHS service for challenging behavior: BCBA is the principal manager in a team hosted by Halton Borough Council serving a range of local commissioners including the host borough, St Helens and Halton CCGs, Knowsley, St Helens, and Halton local authorities. Six behavioral analysts and three assistant behavior analysts.

​Harrow – BCBA employed by LA to oversee ABA programs. CAMHS also employs BCBA (part of CNWL, Central & NW London NHS)

And many many more organizations found on this website 

​https://www.abaa4all.com/aba-in-the-uk. Now it’s no secret about what I feel about people who do aba or anything of that variant on innocent people I think they are flat our criminals if they see the impact it’s having on peoples emotions and ignore it but I digress this is not about that. its about the levels of societal structure that contributes to this rampid abuse epidemic.

It first starts with on the top one through government and the NAS. the Government and the NAS collaborated to create the Autism Act of 2009  and the follow-up acts. which I won’t bore you with legal jargon they used mostly because I was bored when I was reading it but what I will say is the most important is that it outlines some and I stress some of the things that need to be done into law, it does not establish a high standard of care , which can be attained through conversations with the geneuine autistic activist community because we are dying to give the anwsers we have been loud a lot. and another the act was not decided by autistic people but non autistic leaders which is insulting and makes all of them morons, because they did not include autistic people in the positions of power to decide our own fate.

Now what can we do about the instutilisation problem we need our own orginisation our own voice, run by autistic people to challenge the power of neglent orginisations that breach their duty of care.


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