The Monsters of Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is a us-based charity, are the biggest frauds and monsters that actually stop real change from happening, stay in the way of actual heroes like stealth aspies and agony autie, from doing actual good work. They promote something called ABA, which is an abusive and horrific form of therapy. ABA stands for applied behavioural analysis. ABA involves stripping away autistic natural behaviours and responses to things which can lead self-hatred and self disdain thinking they are subhuman “The goal is to increase behaviours that are helpful and decrease behaviours that are harmful or affect learning ” This kind of culture that autistic people experience and endure on a daily basis, affects their ability to trust people, to know they are loved and they are valued, and as someone who has seen it and felt it My solidarity goes out to you because it is hard and very painful, and if anyone needs support I and the league will try to do our best to help you believe in yourself, if I or the league cant help, we will do our best to signpost you to people who can. ABA is cruel, and immoral and horrific to say the least, but it doesn’t work on a practical level. When you teach an autistic person to hide their characteristics and responses to things, they don’t go away, they still happen and they just feel worse and worse, and causes them to retreat into themselves and make them less productive in society rather then more ,as ABA practioners claim that it does.