Pride Experience

The realities (well in my view ) about the discussion about how to support autistic people.

A little to close up video for a tutorial into public transport

Anger Control

Continuation of the autism and understanding documentary

Another fascinating talk

New league Member

This is a newest member of the autism league ,proving content to engage in fascinating conversations and spark discussion enjoy this very fascinating talk . The league is here to provide anyone on the spectrum a voice and empower them to be independent and I am so happy that someone gave me this to share . Enjoy it and let’s carry on the mission of uniting autistics everywhere .

Message to the autistic community

Documentary on societies current understanding of autism

Hi all this is a documentary done to help understand what people already understand about autism and what needs to be done next. Let’s discover together on how to best move forward

Autism Journey

Hi all a friend of mine works for a media agency together we shot this video ,and Maryam ended it and it helps map my journey as an advocate and what i hope to acheive enjoy , and help the mission , of uniting the worldwide autism comunity