League Constitution

We are an activism group , fighting to promote inclusivity of autistic people in a NT world and as we grow, we want to make sure that all of our members are happy and feel fulfilled in the group . Below are the rules of the group that will promote a positive state of mind within the league and make sure everyone is looked after. Anyone who joins our activism group has to follow the below rules . Anyone is welcome ,and no requirements in terms of skill is needed .

1 We will respect other people’s sensory and mental health-needs.

2 We are an autism-led organisation which promotes inclusivity of and respect towards all members. We will work with anyone regardless of neurotype, as long as they uphold these values. 

3 All autistic people are different. We share many things, but our autism expresses itself in different ways. If you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person 🙂

4 We listen to each other’s points. We will respect the opinions of all members about their own experiences, and will not tolerate opinions that devalue others. We are a discussion and activism group. Our purpose is to collect stories of autistic experiences, and to fight for acceptance and inclusivity in the NT world. Nothing about us without us.

5 We work from an intersectional perspective. Being autistic is not just a difference in neurology and the brain. We also are on the receiving end of specific discrimination in the workplace, in education and in wider society. Being female, queer, trans, non-white, poor and/or disabled compounds this in our society.

6 We are autism activists. We want to make the world a better place for people on the autism spectrum. We understand that there is a power imbalance between autistic service users and NT society. We need to have more autistic people in the health service.

7 If you feel you haven’t been able to say what you wanted to say during the meeting, good! Write it down and send it to us. We will include it in our notes for every meeting.

8 If you cannot make it to a meeting on time or at all, let us know beforehand so we know you’re OK, and to minimise disruption to the group. 

9 We will take written notes and record all of the meeting on audio. We will only use your voices and names for our own administration.

10 The stories of our group members are theirs to tell. Please do not share their stories with others without permission.

11 Our tasks are serious and the topics can get heavy, but we are here to have a good time. We promise to be kind to one another.