Adventures of CollinsWorth University

Hi All , i thought you might like a sneak inside look in to the process me and my team go through to bring you the short movies like adventures of swanley high , this is the screen play for the next sketch, the process goes through, concept, to script ,to story board which is a picture of how everything is going to be filmed.


Blooper Reel To Swanley High

Enjoy some of the halirious outakes that the swanley high sketch brought

The Adventures of Swanley High

This is my passion project, the perspectives of an autistic person in the transition of a career’s interview in the sixth form to getting to know people in university. Co written and co-directed with Maryam Bonadi. The sketch plays out the thoughts that a lot of autistic students have but don’t say through the use of inner monologues.

Origin Story

Fictional Super Hero Story

The rise of the autism league 

Here lies the story of the autism league, remember us  and carry on our mission and help the worlds autistic community. Our story begins five years and full of betrayal love and families  being formed and families being torn apart. Be careful where knowing us will take where the journey will end .you  might not like what you find 

Jameson Hawk the brother of Katniss Hawk  the mystery  assumed dead after his families death and when he went on his heroes crusade was born in Brighton in kemptown and lived in a distinct little four bedroom place with his sister Katniss ,little brother  Kyle Hawk and their mother Mary Hawke their father passed away in the afgaganstan war . Jameson and Katniss being the older children felt the massive pressure of looking after their 

Our story starts five years Jameson the league  founder was a lonely and alone and couldn’t figure out what to do with his life  spent wandering for years with no purpose no life . One day he encountered his family dead  and collective murder suicide  and left him a note that it was because of the treatment given to them by the mental health system . He was angered angered to a level he never was before a blind winding rage. For the next few years he spent honing his martial arts skill using his powerful mind to learn every single skill available to the human race . Due to his autism and the comfort of being himself bought him happiness being alone and so he mastered  how to make change in the world .

As they grew up the family grew closer and closer and eventually worked together and formed the worlds most largest autism business .one day a guy came to the offices out of no where  with dark black goo around him . And blew up the entire business and killed everyone there .Suddenly  he had no one and nothing ,Jameson. Heard all of this from he came back to the world to be the face of the surviving family and inherit the remaining assets of the Hawk fortune ,and when he came back he heard that his sister was still alive but was awal from the former law agency the secret council . The secret council is consists of a panel of members from every nato members and a former member of the Hawk orginsiations had access to their to their database 

One day he was performing an experiment to improve memory absorption of information his lab blew up and heightened his brain so much that he could obrsorb any sort of information about object simply by touching it but he forgets everything else but who he is  and who his family is  and how to speak .he spent years figuring out how to best fight for justice and came up 

Jameson on the hunt for his families killers went to his lair ,used all to the information sources to find   His families killers, keeping his anxiety at bay keeping his autistic need for certainty at bay  going through every location he could possibly found he encountered the half demon vigilante Deimos fighting electro the mage in who made sure that people are mentally driven crazy so they pretty much hate every one and want to kill him. Jameson confused Deimos as someone evil and tried to fight him ,as they are close to killing each other Jameson says “STOP it’s time to do what regular people dont do and talk “

Autism League Background Characters

Deimos : Deimos is a character who made a deal with a demon to use his under receptiveness to stimuli , and environments and wanted to make his skin metal so he could find for justice and be a symbol for hope , because he lost his entire family in the Iraq war but the demon demanded to high a price and Deimos couldn’t pay that price, so he was fighting back with every weapon he has, and managed to kill the demon, but as he was heading away the power of the demon went out of the demon’s body, went after Deimos and consumed him and turned him in to the stone creature he is. The man he was before was dead and became a different form of Deimos the demon who remembers nothing of the struggles of humanity who he is, or anyone from his former life only his thirst for justice remains


Sense otherwise known as Kane , is an autistic person who struggled with hypersentivity and was at a clinic to get clothes and sensory equipment to asssist with it, The Clinic faced a lightening strike and caused an explosion with all of the chemicals and equipment the energy from that explosion went in to Kane and caused his skin to morph into anything he touches , for a year he was scared of this of what to do and then he encountered the autism league ,who taught him how to control it and use it for good

The Mystery:

The Mystery is a world-renowned detective, who has the ability to have superhuman perception who got this in an experiment designed to enhance her intellect. The mysteries real Name is Katniss Hawk. Katniss became a detective once her brother and his family went missing on a safari trip in Africa. It’s been 15 years since that day and the family has not been found yet. It might be an endless Journey.She was a part of the CIA, MI5, London Police department and all of them rejected her, for her rough exterior, in your face attitude Was exiled from the orginsiations, for 4 years she acted as a stand alone vigilante before she encountered the rest of the autism league who gave a her a family.

The claw

The claw is a former assassin for the knight group who was going through identity issues, and finding she is trans which slowed down her efficiency as an assassin as her mental health was very waying her down. The knight assassin group found out and out of nostalgia for their old comrade they just threw her out in the woods . Over time her drive for revenge for being outcasted lead her to travel around the world and encounter the rest of the autism league , which trained her ,gave her the weopans and a new family was given to her. and they fight for the ideals they were for the rejected for acceptance of all.

Ferver: otherwise known as Balthazar Al Ghul is a member of the secret society of vigilantes known as the knight who influences world events and political decisions, He was an autistic practitioner of alteration magic. One day the group[ went too far and started targeting political rights in the LGBT community and Fever fought back because the whole concept goes against their traditional views of society . When the group fought him and he was bombarded with magic it intercepted Fervers own magic practice and it endowed hi. With a huge amount of powers that all change depending on his own emotions

Fuck you normality lyrics

To my dear leaguers it is time for us to stand strong and take pride on who we are so to help us a along I co wrote a song with someone, that gives a giant fuck you to the concept of normalicy . a performance by my wonderful friends will be attached soon .

Welcome to the world of weirdness
It’s much more interesting here
Here we are with our uniqueness,
Against boredom, we shan’t fear.

Fuck you normality, Fuck you normality
We can do so much, so fuck you.
Fuck you normality, Fuck you normality
We are better off without you.

Here we are with our uniqueness
Beautiful as a blooming flower,
We’re not afraid to shine brightly
With all of our wonderous power.

Fuck you normality, Fuck you normality
We are independent and so strong
Fuck you normality, Fuck you normality
We just wanted to get along.

When were walking down the street,
Maybe you think we are weird,
But if you come get to know us
You will forget what you feared

Fuck you normality, fuck you normality
We can create light and beauty
Fuck you normality, fuck you normality
Because we are just like rubies

Don’t get me wrong, you are helpful,
You show us how not to live,
It’s much more fun to live like us,
We’ll show you how, just come join us

Fuck the normality, fuck the normality
The rubies of humanity can help thee
Fuck the normality, fuck the normality
We can show how to break free