Motivation on self maintenance

Through looking at peoples struggles at the autism experience group and autistic not weird something I have very comanally encountered a problem of keeping oneself motivated to do self maintenance tasks because nine times out of ten we would be told to do it growing up and were given that structure and weren’t taught to value that for themselves and thus feel anxious about as the activity is very mundane and people do not know what to do about it ,forcing themselves to do it even though it creates anxiety . Delayed training for this can happen even If it adult stage ,of someone’s development . To make sure to actually to do the development is done well, you need to spend a lot of time addressing the Impulses to not do the tasks that will enable you to look after yourself other than doing yourself ,you should get help from someone with autism who was able to get over it themselves because it allows you to feel like someone is relating to you and someone’s lived experience can bring you out from darkness and make you feel like your not alone as you have someone can relate to it . Lets stand together and be our own super hero cause no one can help us like we can ,and sadly most people wont at all .

Mindfulness and meditation

Heya all, we get a lot of trouble when we experience stress and heartache, as we feel things like a lot stronger than non-autistic people. Like if emotions were a vehicle non-autistic people feel, like a Toyota and autistic emotions like a Porshe stronger and faster so we need to look after our emotions so they don’t use us and we can use them productively and happily. One thing we can do to vent our anger through as anger is just extra emotions. Having a healthy outlet informs of exercises like karate or boxing can provide a channel which you could use the pent-up aggression as at the end of the day it is still energy

Another technique that you could use, is mindfulness finding activities that you could use to occupy your mind and bring your mindset into the present moment as anxiety is 9 times out of ten because of fears of the future. Another technique is slow controlled breaths that you could use to calm yourself down in times of high stress which can release a flow of dopamine in the brain and can be very relaxing

You could also do meditation which can teach someone proper control over breathing and can help lower emotional state from utter rage to calm and resolved ,

Autistic Burnout

This is a very dicey topic to discuss among students youth and just generally among both autistic people and nonautistic people, but the effect of it is so present within both parties. You can always convince other people your okay, that your coping and are able to arrange your daily tasks. You may want to be there for others a lot more than your there for yourself as you do not see the point of looking after your own mental health. Well, its a well-known fact among the aspie community that we experience emotions and other difficulties a lot more than neurotypical people and is the same with mental health difficulties we experience it at a much higher rate and has a much harsher impact which makes looking after our mental health all the more important. I would like to explain what Autistic Burnout is, Burnout is when you reach a high point of emotional fatigue that you feel numb, tired unable to do anything concentrate you oversleep or under sleep, the only way to alleviate it is taking time away from whatever the cause of the impulse is to put it aside is too great so it must be said . During a daily basis, we can experience meltdowns which is when a surge of emotions floods our minds and it can cause an emotional explosion a reaction that cam causes a physical response of uncontrollable movement. which if the cause of the burnout is not dealt with and managed the burnout can worsen and can cause much harsher responses a result. Look after yourself and make sure you monitor how you are so you dont burn out.

Social anxiety: What You See Is All There Is, or is it?

Today we will look at a way of addressing how to tackle issues such as social anxiety, rumination, anger, getting carried away, among other emotive responses you’d feel better without. The below, among other methods, can be thought of as part of a well being toolkit. I’ve personally found the following useful, although I have no academic training in psychology or healthcare, so please take this as simply my personal opinion of what some, but not all, experts have suggested.

ABCDE method
This method was pioneered by Albert Ellis the founder of RBT, later known as REBT, which stands for Rational (Emotive) Behavioral Therapy. The letters stand for:

Activating Event
Effective new philosophy of living well.

It’s premised on the assumption that we are not upset by events themselves, imagine an incident off someone pulling out in front of you, not everyone will feel the same response or honk and shout. If it happens to you more than once, you won’t respond in the same way each time. Rather the difference suggests that it’s your beliefs about what happened that cause the consequences such as honking, shouting, remaining calm etc. The good news is this isn’t inevitable, even if beliefs were only responsible to a small degree, you can do something, that is you can dispute them. If you do so well done! You’re living by an effective new philosophy. Don’t worry this isn’t anything technical cooked up in the Clouds, it is largely called this as it continues the alphabetical pattern.

For example, if I am out and about and my mind begins to wander and I wonder ‘why, oh why did I do or say that’. I can tell myself hold your horses; I’m currently feeling an undesirable consequence of something. I wonder what it could be. ¡Eureka! It’s my memory of an event has given rise to some beliefs like that was foolish. But was it really? In retrospect it may well be. But as they say hindsight has 20/20 vision. But if your explanation could not have predicted the outcome without information you didn’t then have then it isn’t something you knew, as Nassim Taleb observes about the stock market crash in 2008. Although many said they knew it would happen, they couldn’t explain how they knew on information then available, and as such they can’t legitimately say they knew it would happen. Likewise, if you’re beating yourself black n blue because of something you later found out, cease and desist because you didn’t know. Even if it was your role to know, you didn’t know, and can’t blame yourself for not knowing.

A phrase which I find so incredibly helpful that I’m planning to get a tattoo of it is WYSIATI What You See Is All There Is. This was introduced by Danny Kahneman in Thinking Fast and Slow. The core argument sets the scene for how this heuristic, aka ‘rule of thumb’, exerts such an influence on us. In a nutshell Kahneman is following in a tradition of two systems thinking he calls his System 1 and System 2. The former is always on and makes snap decisions based on the least amount of cognitive strain it is generally within the ball park but it’s accuracy can be way off. Whereas System 2 is slow to kick-in, it’s deliberative and analytical, it is called in to back up System 1, particularly when you have a niggling notion something isn’t quiet right.

How can this phrase help?

Well, when you see someone doing something you don’t like remind yourself WYSIATI What You See Is All There Is. That is as far as your intuition is concerned you have the full picture. The thing is there is far more to any story than you see.

See for yourself:

“Will Mindik be a good leader? She is intelligent and strong …” An answer quickly came to your mind, and it was yes. You picked the best answer based on the very limited information available, but you jumped the gun. What if the next two adjectives were corrupt and cruel? Take note of what you did not do as you briefly thought of Mindik as a leader. You did not start by asking, “What would I need to know before I formed an opinion about the quality of someone’s leadership?”

What can I do?

1) Remind yourself as much as WYSIATI appears true, it ain’t. There’s a bigger picture. Realizing this helps to dispute negative beliefs we hold, reduce negative consequences, and live an effective new philosophy step by step.

2) Persuade others to think like this too. Perhaps then it may be easier for those of us on the spectrum to overcome the barriers of being judged before we’ve had a chance to shine, to show what we can do by our lights, to be our own heroes of the Autism League.

Don’t worry about perfecting it though. Just aim to be a better you than you yourself were.

Although little can be done to be completely rational we can try our best. Even Kahneman struggles, he confides ‘The short answer is that little can be achieved without a considerable investment of effort. As I know from experience, System 1 is not readily educable. Except for some effects that I attribute mostly to age, my intuitive thinking is just as prone to overconfidence, extreme predictions, and the planning fallacy as it was before I made a study of these issues. I have improved only in my ability to recognize situations in which errors are likely: “This number will be an anchor …,” “The decision could change if the problem is reframed …” And I have made much more progress in recognizing the errors of others than my own. The way to block errors that originate in System 1 is simple in principle: recognize the signs that you are in a cognitive minefield, slow down, and ask for reinforcement from System 2.’

Support Systems for for families .

My leaguers some of you might have autistic family members yourself who are younger than you or who need your support , and that might be difficult especially if your finding it difficult to support yourself. There was a saying once from a motivational speaker, i listen to a lot. The richest place on earth is the cemetery ,because its filled with un met goals, dreams ,products that were never made, experiences never had, and its up to us to make sure this is not us . If its not too overwhelming if it is i totally under stand feel free to post some of your experiences on this group, so we can all learn from each other. so here it goes agencies and professionals who may be able to help should you feel you need it . All of this information is coming from Resource Directory for families with Disabled children : This website is run by people with learning difficulties and has a lot of information about person centered planning and gives a lot of information on organisation and makes it more efficient to do time management . : This website is ran by autistic people , and has useful control information on budgeting and support planning , -includes advice around learning and working ; free time health and well being ,basically all aspects of life : useful website in providing information on various mental health support systems and is a charity that is can act as a

Having the right people in your life

The usual content my dear leagues is videos but this is something i feel like i need to talk to you about in this with the written format. I need to talk to you about the power that emotions can have on a person and how you need to program your mind. I was in a toxic friendship group for a 6 or so months , and it deteriorated my confidence significantly to a point i was a former shell of myself , and it caused me to think about why this has happened and it got me to think about why the emotion effected me this much . and it got me to really think about the application of hyper sensitivity to emotions. Hyper sensitivity means basically whats in the name its being over receptive to emotions . And this brings upon the need of regulation of it watching what effects you and what doesnt because its so important for everyone . because some of our emotions are hypertensive we feel the impact of things , and if we have the wrong people in our life it can really impact things and this is something we cannot allow because it can spread to you having depression and all sorts of things. If your struggling to understand who is supporting you and who is hurtinng and if your hurting yourself, ask yourself the following questions , whats possitive in my life, who is supporting my dreams and who is hindering them . Do this through a breathing techniques, close your eyes breath in and very slowly for five minutes focus on the breath visualise it and ask yourself thse questions

Useful autism support links

This link is for the central body on autistic knowledge

This website useful autism support links , to help teach students and teachers knowledge on the causes of autism which doesnt go with the ethos of the website o providing solutions

Initiation of members

Welcome to the Autism League , honorary member here you can find strategies people in their super hero costumes jokes, and interviews to help you lead more independent life and start utilising your autistic powers . The league will help you with everything to do with travel , financing ,studying , life skills , social skills ,employ-ability and you could all submit your stories for the other members to help each other let’s be super heroes together . We will post video content for our super heroes every two weeks, and the articles every week and special interviews events from organisations on a monthly basis . If you have any things you want the League to do ,email me at . Below is the anthem of the league sung by a wonderful friend of mine named Meg Donovan and Mia Wallis Humm