Time management

in university you must be able to manage a lot of things, your studies, any search for a professional career you might do, social life and personal growth and this will be daunting for anyone let alone an autistic person. As your approach university your not really guided in that transition on what to do and therefore you have no plan going forward and I am here to tell you to know how dangerous this can be and show you how hopefully you can have one. If your approaching university or a job from saying secondary school environment its best to run simulations of how it could be like in the environment your going in to ease yourself with the fear of transition and the mental hell that it can create. For example, a key issue in student life or just daily life is self-cleaning or maintenance. When your at home that’s not a big problem but when you’re on your own not doing can lead you living in a pig sty as it happened to me. You have to actively work in time to do self-maintenance tasks I would recommend at the end of the week so during the week you have time for everything else and plan the other things that are in your life accordingly. You then will have to decide what kind of method to store the time management information, for me something visual works likea gant charts, timetables online diaries and journals

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can help autistic students and autistic workers work adjusting to their own difficulties. Some software include zotero, dragon, claro, Mindview sonocet audio note taker. This software allows people to have different workstyles. For example people with dyslexia . Traditional methods of working like in lectures, like in proffesional meetings .e.g conference meetings they can tire us ,bore us and actively disenage what we do, and that raises the need for us , and we need to find methods that work for specific people . Some software includes

Brain in hand





Sonocet audio note taker

The Adventures of Swanley High

This is my passion project, the perspectives of an autistic person in the transition of a career’s interview in the sixth form to getting to know people in university. Co written and co-directed with Maryam Bonadi. The sketch plays out the thoughts that a lot of autistic students have but don’t say through the use of inner monologues.

Translating complex subjects to simple.

Through my journey in university and academic carrear, I have noticed that subjects are being taught in the most complicated way when they really do not need to be. So over the course of the next few weeks, I am going to tackling such subcjects and as my primary area of training, I am going to start. Like my assignment, for example, we were told we need to told write an operating system scheduler to eliminate process starvation, but we weren’t given a scenario of how that might happen really walked through it to walk it through or anything.  Below is an algorithm i have studied in an operating system module priority based scheduling which runs the tasks that are most important and decides it based on a number of factors.

An approach to eliminate operating systems running out of resources

Step 1 read the computer file   with all of the process jobs ;

Step 2 : make sure all of the operating  system process jobs have been converted into data that can be used by the algorithm

Step 3. Separate out all of the high priority, low priority jobs and midlevel jobs into the different priority queue. Asses the amount of time taken in each priority jobs.

Step 4 : look at all of the jobs, the most important operating systems, the least important jobs, and the somewhat important jobs.

Step 5 :  asses all of the jobs to see if any has been waiting for too long.

This is an example of how framing effects the way that complicated topics affect the understanding of complicated programming. This very thing takes hundreds if not thousands of lines of code to write, but now that we understand how its the algorithm works in a simple and well laid out way. and we can build from our understanding  but if we are thrust with complex terms about a subject , and just shown examples with no real explanation we dont know anything at all. Unique framing devices work best when delivering this type of content.

Searching for Career

Some of us might be pushed towards a certain direction when we ourselves do not know we to go but it is okay to float about in search of something greater a true purpose. Something I say to you my dear leaguers, is having a career of purpose of meaning . Look for activities you are interested in that rewards you mentally and not just financially , as doing what you love will make all of the difference. Look first for the value you want to provide to the world and how you want to be paid for it later . To seek help for careers advice , you could g to the specific departments are your school in charge of it ,like for example in the uni of Brighton , they have the careers service department which is in charge or helping with placements cvs full time work ,free lance and entrepneurship or across to volunteering oppurtitinities.which can provide you the practical infotmaruin you need to make an informed decision .


Leaguers when you reach student university you will have to budget to encounter and take to in account expenses which includes living bills , stationary and books expenses and going out as well is anything for career search and funding travel , sport and general leisure . You have to take in to account money coming in to your bank and make sure its under the amount taken in . Do a weekly review of finances in these categories . Usually a gant chart for this would be a good idea as it is a visual way of tracking all of your expenditures in a visual way . Below I have attached an example I have created for myself for you to use as you wish . As always email me or message me on the website and I will be able to provide assistance .

Living Costs



Travel Expenses

Stationary / Study

Disposable income

Journey into university

By Mark Blake

My journey through university and to it has been a difficult journey it has been one filled with laughter and joy , tears learning adventure a real rollercoaster but i wouldn’t trade my memories for the world as they made me who i am today and ready to help you my dear readers . and i wish good luck to anyone who is starting the journey in the coming year. My journey started in year 13 when making the difficult journey after my results were confirmed , by my secondary school . I had preparation time with my family we all got cookware and extra clothes it was a very emotional time for me and my family and it didnt hit me at the time that this was actually happening so my emotional response was delayed .I saw my school friends in school on a final good bye , and needed to transition fully into university life and i was struggling to move on, which made adjusting to uni life much more difficult than anticipated i was less open to the new things than i would have liked . One thing i would reccomend to you my fellow leauger ,is that to keep your mind open to when you join uni ,form a new a dynamic with family and friends before you join univeristy or talk with your family and friends on how to make the transition into university just a bit easier . Because how it is going to effect you going in to university , as much as uncertaintity annoys us , is different for each invidual but there are things we can do to make life just a bit easier for ourselves . it is easy to easy to loose oneself in all of the noise to keep a hold of whats important even when the world is against you even when people ,are are getting you to do what you are pushed to do things that conflict with you values , you have to keep true to yourself and not do them otherwise it could consume you as it almost did me , and good luck as it is a hard journey . Before i finish off the article my leaguers ,i leave with you with this , never forget your routes and the people who made you who you are cause when everything fades they will still be there.

Unite and fight for freedom .