Tunbridge Wells Mayors speech at autistic pride .

Tunbridge Wells autistic Pride :Mark Blake

Organizing Autistic Pride Events

The Autistic Civil rights movement is getting steam as it rightly should and with people failing us we need to be our own superheroes, and have respect within ourselves. The first step has been doing autistic pride events, the movie for the one the league help is released on the league events page of the website. Autistic pride events are generally about allowing autistic people to feel proud of being themselves and allowing people to have a voice where they are denied, but it is rather a long process and it can be daunting for a lot of autistic people to do when it doesn’t have to be, when you know the structure. The first thing is to find out what do you want to achieve with the event and the second this is what kind of event will help you achieve what you want to achieve and when is the best time to do it. There are several steps you can follow to get this done

Step 1: Pick a location for your event, look at where it can do most impact, a way to asses that is how prevalent are autistic voices or activist in that town, if there is none or very little it is a good location to do it, for me Tunbridge wells my home town fit that description, sadly .

Step 2: pick a venue for the event, taker into factors like accessibility, like wheelchair accessibility, good travell access, whether sensory while it’s accessible for autistic people, keep have ample area to get away from the group, in the case of anxiety

Step 3: contact your local councils, inform them about the event and fill out the various forms, this is necessary to form the event legally, they cover things like risk assessment, duration of the event, the capacity of the event, contingency backgrounds.

Step 4: Find an event team, to handle finance, organization, marketing, and knowledge of events

Step 5: Find promotional channels, research where the autistic community of the town you are doing the event in, are and make sure to get media coverage for the event.

Step 6 : Book your speakers and make sure that all of the speakers go with the general theme of the event.

Step 7: make sure you have contingencies in place for any meltdowns or autistic problems .

The Bureaucracies of reform and support

The Bureaucracies of the current system has created some of the biggest obstacles we see today to get the reform we need and the change that we need to happen in this world. To get recognized as being autistic or the out of date term diagnosed, there were so many hoops, and it costs so much to get even recognition of being autistic, and as a result, it causes a lot of people to be flown under the radar and suffer in silence and not know that they are loved and feel alone with their pain and struggles autistic life can bring. and we need systemic reform in order to make the resources and support that is available and is accessible to autistic people and just everyone to save lives and prevent people from committing suicide as the process of getting diagnosed, or getting support is so beurcractic it actually induces anxiety. We need to reform the support procedures so people can actually get the help they need, with properly funded systems.

Fixing the Broken System

A report in the BBC has been sighted that, special needs students, are staying at home and a report in the newspaper one bullied special needs child, was told to list all of his faults, disgusting and shocking and raging which allows abuse to go on in schools and the current system allows things to go on, in the current day an age. The link to the article https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/jul/28/derby-primary-school-boy-with-special-needs-blamed-for-being-bullied?fbclid=IwAR0OP9pPbuTNaC5AEAVTNujMtttnDkqvoXcZ_ZRP297etn-QlCRQOFQ2rHM and the link to the BBC article about the special needs children staying at home is on this link https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsin-pictures-48955493?fbclid=IwAR3eV67clL-Lsjum4cXaGzXHDwF_-Whqy9xq10hVkOi3yStlKGV2_ApznP4 Politics is the death and solution to all, because the laws that required to change these injustices lie there, but because there are so many policies that have been politicized that really shouldn’t be, that should just be human issues, like for examples Labours neurodivergent manifesto, which starts a conversation about how to look after autistic people. The abuse that autistic people face whether it’s in a care home school or the workplace is a human issue, that affects wonderful creative and sincere people and yet cause of the current system nothing is really done. People from all over the UK are currently known to be Autistic, have similar pains and difficulties and we need to come together to fix the current problems, something I did touch on in the previous article. The Panorama report details extreme abuse against vulnerable autistic people who were brave enough, to ask for help, which can cause autistic people like myself, Jorik Mol, Sarah Harvey ( a personal hero of mine ) to feel disenfranchised, and cynical at times during our fight, and what people need to know, is coming together showing the human side of it, is the best chance we have on making the change we need to happen. A legal change we can aim for is making autistic people be recognised as a minority group with all of the autistic cultures that exist to be recognised in law as its own separate community to make it illegal (more so ) to discriminate it and make discriminations such as the ones that exist a hate crime and get autistic difficulties recognized under the disability act, to add both layers of protection so wonderful people can get what they deserve . To bridge the gap, and to come together people need to understand how different people communicate and be able to ask the tough questions and no get offended by them cause if we do not have the anwsers and the tools we need well the cycle of abuse will never end and by starting the process to find the truth we can fight for the freedom and save autistic lives and fight for the change we need to get done.

Solidarity for change

I wanted to talk to you about the origins of the Autism league and why coming together for change is important. Two years ago, when I first started activism work that will go on to be the autism league, I went through a tough time, the worst I have ever been in my life close but there was a friend who saved my life by there for me, even when I was at my worst even when I lashed out, at her because I used to have anger issues. and when I got better, I started trying my friend and I couldn’t, month after month could do nothing and eventually, I could do nothing, I felt powerless and eventually, I thought enough is enough, wanted to explore whether my friends problems, were common among the autistic community, the more I went down the rabbit hole, I knew that something needed to be done .so I started on the journey on trying to fix things. I was involved in my universities autism support group finding out where the problems lie and I heard just how wonderful other autistic people are and it really was lovely, i had to leave sadly due to some disagreements with my co-partner of the autism support group and some mental health problems , but in the abyss of my healing and recovering from that and was able to help the friend, and after my recovery and departure from the autism support group I was able to begin advocacy work, and in my time i was able to find out from talking to many people, in Sussex uni, Brighton uni , people at oxford, people I met from London autistic pride, and nearly all autistic people go through similar issues, but yet we are divided , and there for our voices can be silent , we need to come together as a single force for change, and get things done

Different Stories and the need for understanding

During my work as an activist, I have seen different types of stories different types of struggles, different types of creativity, different types of voices and the endurance to survive and it was amazing to see and that kind of thing reinvigorates my desire to help people succeed. When working with them i saw the most incredible stories and that’s not just about them surviving but succeeding and searching for an incredible life. I was involved in my universities Bame mentoring program which stands for the black and minority ethnic mentoring program and i was given a year 9 kid for confidentiality reasons I can’t name him, and he told me a story about every day he practices self-defence and mixed martial arts and he said he was doing it for years, and i asked him why and he told me its because it’s my dream, I have to do this, that kind of focus was just amazing to see. I saw my friend Jorik from Oxford and he told me his purpose is to make sure that no one feels the same way which just showed me how amazing people can be .I used to be a few years ago not like spending time with people just not like people a cloud of cynicism went over me, due to everything i have been through and if it wasn’t for certain people i would have remained in hell. It might surprise you, my dear readers, that i am actually only 20 years old. I haven’t had an easy life i have had a great one, filled with mixed moments from amazing moments, to heartbreaking one’s heartwarming ones like for example the death of my family friend Paul, the ending of a 6-year long friendship with a former best friend the assault of my best friend and that asshole getting away and heartwarming moments, like my friends supporting me through hell the entrance of my beautiful niece and nephew my brother being there for my whole life, mixed events and mixed feelings. . It’s easy beyond easy to feel hate its easy to let pain cloud the goodness in life and the goodness of people as I saw the adults around me attempt to do as I grew up but let me tell you why i think that is a terrible idea, the worst you could possibly do for your life.. because if you live in hate and anger you live with the pain of the past you could lose time with the people you love most. This happened to me. last year i was at my worst anger issues to a psychotic degree, lashed out on everyone didn’t spent time with my mum, my closest friends, my brother my mother because i was so focused on what they have done wrong and later consumed by my own guilt i lost out on months with them. My two closest friends Maya and Louise, i lost out on 4 to 5 months without them when i could have seen them spent time with them, and now Louise is in uni, and Canada and of course I couldn’t be happier for her but I really miss her and i can’t do anything about it. I implore you do not make the same mistake I did. And the last point I will leave you with one thing. one person can change your life by chance and even save your life, but if your not to open to people that can never happen, be better be united. Thank you